In progress


  iNous initiative aims at building an eco-system for OGC IndoorGML. It covers the entire life cycle of indoor map data from the construction to the management, applications, and sharing platform. Each step of the life cycle corresponds to a research group.


The period of the initiative is 4.5 years starting from 2017. It consists of two steps;

♦ Step 1 (2017-2019): the development of basic environments and tools and

♦ Step 2 (2020-2021): the enhancement of the systems and applications to real sites.

The timeline of each group is as the following figure;

♦ Group 1 for indoor map building,

♦ Group 2 for the management and processing, and

♦ Group 3 for sharing and applications.

Scope of Group

The scope of the initiative is therefore divided into three sub-scopes.

Scope of Group 1: to develop two solutions for constructing indoor maps

♦ scanning floorplans and

♦ point cloud data collected from SLAM.

Scope of Group 2: to convert CAD and IFC data to IndoorGML and generate customized indoor maps

♦ converting CAD to IndoorGML,

♦ converting IFC to IndoorGML,

♦ indoor data modeling,

♦ validating IndoorGML data, and

♦ producing complete and clean IndoorGML data

Scope of Group 3: to develop applications and test sites

♦ indoor sound maps for visually impaired persons,

♦ indoor emergency response,

♦ sharing portal - OpenIndoorMaps,

♦ indoor subspacing, and

♦ test bed environments